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Renaissance Charter School at West Palm Beach requires families to volunteer 20 hours of their time during the school year. They have many opportunities to volunteer their time at school. This may include working in the classrooms; assisting with fundraisers and special events; attending workshops and Parent Co-Op meetings; helping in the cafeteria and library media center; participating on a field trip.

Volunteer Information

Parents are required to volunteer 20 hours per family for each school year. If you have 2 or more children you are required to do 30 hours per school year. Ten hours of volunteer service should be completed by December 16, 2011. Students whose parents have not completed the 20 hour requirement by May 18, 2012 will be placed on the waiting list for the following school year.

Parents have many opportunities to volunteer their time both at school and at home. Volunteer sign-up sheets will be available at Open House before school starts and during Back to School Night. Other opportunities are announced throughout the school year.

To volunteer in classrooms, please make prior arrangements with the teacher so that instructional time is not lost.

It is suggested that a minimum of 2 hours of volunteer service be spent working on school fundraisers and special activities.

Parents will receive volunteer time for attending workshops and general parent meetings conducted in the school.


Ways You Can Earn Service Hours:

  • Assist in the cafeteria
  • Assist teachers with bulletin boards, cutting & craft activities
  • Attend PTO meetings, day and evening events
  • Volunteer for field day and/or field trips
  • Assist in the school library